Seller FAQ

How much does it cost to list an item?
For a limited time, listing an item is absolutely free.

Is there a limit on how many items can I list?
There is no limit.

Do I have to include a photo?
We strongly suggest you upload more than one photo of the items you have for sale.

A Few Things to keep in mind: Never underestimate the power of a beautiful picture. Try and include pictures of the item being used at your actual wedding. It is a lot easier for woman to get a feeling for a gown on a person rather than on a hanger. Be sure to include photos of any defects in your item.

Can I list Retail items for Sale?
Merchants in Washington and Idaho are permitted to list their handmade, vintage and new wedding related items. As long as we deem these items tasteful and non-offensive they may be listed.

What should I include in the Description?
The more detailed your description, the fewer emails you will receive with questions about your item. If recycling, tell the story of how you found and used the item in your own wedding. If selling a new, handmade or vintage item, suggest ways to use your item in a wedding. List in detail any defects of the item (tears,stains,marks,cracks,etc.). Include photos and measurements of the defects. Be very specific about what is included with the purchase.

Can I list Wedding related Services?
No. At this time, listing wedding related services, discounts, sales and events are not permitted.

How can I edit or mark my listing as Sold?
After listing an item, you will receive a confirmation email with a private “Ad Access Key” which will enable you to edit or remove your listing.

How does a buyer contact me?
All sales are handled strictly between buyer and seller. If a buyer has a question or wants to purchase your item, you will be contacted directly via email.

Should I accept Returns?
Choosing whether or not to accept returns is personal preference and determined on what is most comfortable to you as a seller. Most sellers have an ‘all sales are final’ policy but some will offer a return policy to potential buyers possibly with a restocking fee.

If you don’t find the answer to your question here please email info {at} sbbmarketplace {dot} com.

Buyer FAQ:

What is Spokane Bride Blog’s Marketplace?
An online platform for brides in Washington and Idaho to recycle (sell) their used wedding gown, accessories and decor. It’s also the place to score beautiful handmade, vintage and new wedding related items from local merchants.

How do I contact the seller?
Click the seller’s name on the item’s page.

How do I purchase an item I want to buy?
All sales are handled strictly between buyer and seller. If you want to purchase or have questions about an item click the seller’s name located in the bottom left of the item’s page.

What is a safe form of payment? is a safe option for both buyer and seller as they offer insurance and guarantee the transaction. They charge a fee for their services so be sure factor this into the cost of the item you are purchasing.

Paypal is great online payment option, especially for less expensive items. They don’t offer any type of insurance or guarantee on the transaction like so keep that in mind when purchasing valuable items.

We do not recommend Money Orders or Cashier Checks for costly items such as wedding gowns.

What are some important questions to ask when buying an item?
The condition, size, measurements, shipping costs and location of the seller are all necessary things to consider before purchasing any item. An accommodating seller will be pleased and quick to answer all questions and provide additional information and photos if need be.

Can I return an item?
The seller will determine whether or not they accept returns and choose their own return policy preferences. If this does not appear on the item’s page, simply contact the seller.

If you don’t find the answer to your question here please email

***Disclaimer: Spokane Bride Blog’s Marketplace is NOT responsible for any transaction between a buyer and seller gone wrong. It is up to the buyer to do their own due diligence before purchasing an item to verify the seller is reputable and honest.

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